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The Blck Pen x Red Velvet

Hello!! Been a very long time since I posted anything on my blog. Full time job to be blamed here 😛

Last year I got a message in my inbox from Komal the creative mind behind Red Velvet to work on a floral print for their next collection. I was way to eager to jump onto this opportunity as I love anything floral.

After much back and forth over emails due to the distance, her being in Mumbai and me in Sydney, we finished what we started. It was an amazing experience and I loved every bit of it.

The collection that we started working on is finally out for you to have a look at here.

Enjoy some of my process images below and see how the print was developed.

Hope you enjoy



leaves white lotus flower 1 camellia

 Red Velvet Floral_brown tile

Pattern, Textile Print


Today I worked on some of my illustrations to create new patterns.

These prints are now available on The Blck Pen Store printed on various products.

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Neha x

Throw Pillow_duvet_lores

throw pillow_lowres

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 Back to doing botanical illustrations. Found this pretty hibiscus while on a walk so decided to illustrate it.

I have been trying to work with ink and slowly getting the hang of it. I love how the black looks really black if that makes any sense 😛

Was playing around with the pattern and wasn’t really sure which direction I should go in. Finally I just did two one mirrored and the other a drop repeat. Which one do you like ?

Neha x



Hibiscus Pattern op2

Hibiscus final

Illustration, Pattern

Monochrome Rangoli

Rangoli is a folk art from India in which patterns are created on the floor of the courtyards  using colored sand , rice or flower petals. It is made during the festival of Diwali or during occasions such as weddings. The designs are usually geometric but not always limited to it and you can be as creative as possible.

I like the geometry of the designs and so I decided to use it as inspiration for my next pattern. I used floral and paisley motifs to create a contrast with the geometric pattern.  For the color palette I went with monochromatic using tints and shades of blue. Here’s what it looks like.

If you are interested in purchasing this print head over to Society 6 for some cool products and art prints.

Hope you like it. 🙂



Monochrome Rangoli.jpg

Cushion Cover


Mobile Cover




T- Shirts



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The Blck Pen Store

For the longest time I have wanted to set up my store and today I have finally done it.

I am so excited to announce the launch of The Blck Pen Store. You can now purchase my artworks here and be sure to get in quick to get free shipping. More artworks will be up soon so do not forget to follow me to get instant updates.

Last month when my sister was visiting me we had been to the Taronga Zoo.

There we came across a most exquisite koi pond which became my inspiration for the next artwork.

Here’s what I came up with .


croped koi

50x50 koi cushion cover

Moblie cover


  Here’s  a  selection of products that you can find on the store.

promo collage

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Hope you enjoyed this post.

Happy Shopping !! 🙂





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Black or White



purple flower









mix floral pattern black



mix floral pattern white



One of my favorite places in Sydney is the Royal Botanic Gardens. Last time I went there I had clicked some photos of the amazing flowers you can find there. I made pencil illustrations of my favorites and created a pattern of them using Photoshop.

I love making mirrored patterns but they need a lot of accuracy. After a couple of glitches here and there I finally manged to get them right. Here’s how they turned out. When I first started making the pattern I was only going to have it in the black background. But then I thought I should do a color option so did one in white. Personally, I prefer the white one 🙂 as it feels more delicate.