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Victor & Rolf



Today I have illustrated my favorite looks from Victor & Rolf Fall Couture 2014.

Loving all the Red!!! ❤


Victor & Rolf  3

Victor & Rolf 2

Victor & Rolf 1

Couture, Fashion, Illustration

Couture 2014 – Giambattista Vali 

Today I have illustrated 3 of my favorite looks from the Giambattista Vali Couture 2014 collection.  It was really hard to pick my favorites cause the collection was like a dream. Wish I had more time to draw them all.

I have been trying to develop my own style in illustrating and have decided to go with this.  It still needs a lot of work and only practice will make it perfect. As I have never been the best at drawing facial features so I am going to focus on the clothing and the shoes. Love drawing big and long hair though 🙂

There are a lot of ideas playing around in my mind and I can’t wait to get started on them. So look forward to it!

Neha x

GBV Couture 2014_3GBV Couture 2014_2GBV Couture 2014_1

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