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 Back to doing botanical illustrations. Found this pretty hibiscus while on a walk so decided to illustrate it.

I have been trying to work with ink and slowly getting the hang of it. I love how the black looks really black if that makes any sense 😛

Was playing around with the pattern and wasn’t really sure which direction I should go in. Finally I just did two one mirrored and the other a drop repeat. Which one do you like ?

Neha x



Hibiscus Pattern op2

Hibiscus final

Illustration, Pattern

Black or White



purple flower









mix floral pattern black



mix floral pattern white



One of my favorite places in Sydney is the Royal Botanic Gardens. Last time I went there I had clicked some photos of the amazing flowers you can find there. I made pencil illustrations of my favorites and created a pattern of them using Photoshop.

I love making mirrored patterns but they need a lot of accuracy. After a couple of glitches here and there I finally manged to get them right. Here’s how they turned out. When I first started making the pattern I was only going to have it in the black background. But then I thought I should do a color option so did one in white. Personally, I prefer the white one 🙂 as it feels more delicate.